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Mother of toddler killed in dresser accident speaks out

The family thought the dresser they bought was tip proof

Mother of toddler killed in dresser accident speaks out

CAMARILLO, Calif. - The Rautiainen family is sharing their story of heartbreak in hopes that it will help save another child's life.

Years ago they bought their son a dresser made by Million Dollar Baby.  When they were expecting their second child they bought more Million Dollar Baby furniture for the nursery in their Camarillo home.

Genevieve Rautiainen says the dresser was called tip proof on the company website.
She said that gave her a false sense of security.

As their daughter Carter Rose grew she  tried to climb up the four-drawer dresser.

In May 2011, Rautiainen went to check on her daughter who was supposed to be napping and found her pinned beneath her dresser.  The 20-month-old died from chest compression.  Another Oklahoma child died in a similar accident the year before.

The Los Angeles-based company settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1million and recently recalled 18,000 dressers.

The company's website:  http://www.themdbfamily.com/safety2 is offering safety advice and free retro-fit kits that include straps to prevent tipping.

The straps are like the earthquake straps you can buy in most hardware stores.

The Rautiainen family has secured all the furniture in their home and tells other parents to do the same.

The family will mark the second anniversary of their daughter's death with a camping trip in May.

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