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Morro Bay Celebrates 50 Years

MORRO BAY, Calif. - Morro Bay celebrated its 50th birthday Thursday.

To honor its legacy, there was an old-fashioned picnic at City Park for locals and tourists to enjoy.

The party took a special committee a year to plan. The committee's goal was to honor "the people who founded the area - their families, children, grandchildren," said Carla Wixom.

Wixom owns Carla's Country Kitchen in Morro Bay.  She has operated the restaurant for over 25 years and said "the pace and feel of the day is not as hustle and bustle as it is a lot of times in a bigger city."

Chloe Hanken lives in Arizona and travels to Morro Bay every year with her family and friends. She described Morro Bay as "best kept secret to not only California but the Central Coast." Hanken said, "Every time you look out here there's something happening."

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