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Montecito Residents on a Mission to Decrease Wildfire Risk

Residents on a Mission to Decrease Wildfire Risk

MONTECITO, Calif. - Over the next several months, residents in ten Montecito neighborhoods will organize to help keep their community safe from the threat of wildfires this summer.

Residents will partner with the Montecito Fire Department, Wildland Fire Specialists and volunteers to remove potentially flammable vegetation from around their homes creating a so-called defensible space. Last year, 450 tons of vegetation was removed.

Here is a list of  the dates and locations of the project:

* March 10 - March 14 Lower Romero, Oak Grove, Alisos, Olive, Piedras, Veloz, Feather Hill, Knowlwood, Tabor, and Orchard (Completed)

* March 17 - March 21 Upper Romero, Park Hill Lane, Bella Vista, Park Lane, Park Lane West, Tollis, Buena Vista, and Olive

* March 31 -April 4 West Mountain Drive, Coyote, and Banana Road

* April 7 - April 10 Arcady, Knapp, Cowles, Barker Pass, Cottage, El Rancho, and Sky View

* April 14 - April 18 Sierra Vista, Nicholas, Ridge View, Canyon View, Sycamore Vista, Calle Elegante, Calle Hermosa, Crest View, and Ranchito Vista

* April 28 - May 2 East Mountain Drive, Irvine Brook Tree, Oak Creek Canyon, Ashley, and Ayala

* May 5 - May 9 Chelham, Dawlish, Stoddard, Cloydon Circle, and Paso Robles

* May 12 - May 16 Pepper Hill, Alston, Woodley, Glenview, Camino Viejo, Dulzura, and Alcala Lane

* May 27 - May 30 Hot Springs, Para Grande, Tejas Lane, and East Valley.

* June 2 - June 6 Hodges, El Bosque, Hodges, Bolero, Periwinkle, Juan Crespi, El Dorado, Live Oak, and Randall Lane.

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