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Moms jumping on surfboards for fitness and to be with their kids

They call themselves the 'Salt Water Divas'

Salt Water Divas

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - They are not letting the years or the ocean waters keep them on the sidelines. Some local moms have decided to learn surfing and say it's been a life changing experience.

Some got involved because their kids were learning to surf and they decided to give it a try.

Now they are getting together three or four days a week and call themselves the "Salt Water Divas."

"We were hooked," said Toyo Peluso. "I think it was the most liberating experience ever when you get on that board."

Their instructor Chris Keet says, "whether you are in the mountains or out in the ocean or surfing, it really helps you deal with everything else.  When you get in the water you forget about everything else and that's a bonus."  Keet also runs the Surf Happens surfing camp.

Many moms are now surfing with their children.  Robbyn Jackson takes on her nine-year-old and says, "I want to make him proud of me and it's improving my surfing."

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