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Massive Blizzard in Northeast Impacts Local Flights

Massive Blizzard in Northeast Impacts Local Flights

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A massive blizzard in the northeast is impacting travelers on the Central Coast.

Several flights arriving at the Santa Barbara Airport were delayed on Thursday because of the storm.  One plane coming from Los Angeles had several people on it who had been delayed earlier at airports across the United States.

A man flying to Santa Barbara from Chicago said there was ice and snow everywhere in Chicago.  He said his flight was delayed by two hours.  A woman flying in from Chicago had a similar experience.  She said that she saw several cars skidding on the road on her way to the airport.  She also said she was surprised her plane was even able to fly out because the weather was so bad.

While many were delayed because of the storm, one man NewsChannel 3 spoke with actually got a lucky break. "Some folks couldn't make their connecting flight from San Fran to Santa Barbara -- so there was some empty seats on an earlier flight, so I got in early," said Matthew Brown.

The massive blizzard on the northeast is just getting started.  If you are catching a flight in the upcoming days or even just picking someone up from the airport, make sure to double check that the flight is not delayed or canceled.

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