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Massage Parlor Sting in Pismo Beach Nets One Arrest

Massage parlor was involved in similar incident back in 2010

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - A massage parlor sting in Pismo Beach has ended in an arrest. Police say an employee at China Massage agreed to perform a sex act for money

Four years ago China Massage was a part of a city-wide sting sweep, and one person was arrested back then. Speaking with nearby businesses and neighbors, it doesn't come as a big surprise to many of them that it's happened again.

This latest sting caught 55-year old Deng Ling. She was arrested and booked in county jail on a misdemeanor prostitution charge. Jail records show she bonded out of jail by today.

In 2010 Pismo Beach Police arrested another woman at the massage parlor on similar charges.

In the most recent case, an undercover San Luis Obispo Police detective posed as a customer, offering money in exchange for sexual favors.

Neighboring businesses say now the city needs to take action.

"They should close it down," said Charles Brunetti, owner of nearby Shell Cafe restaurant. "That kind of activity, that kind of business should not be going on and I don't want it going on next to my restaurant."

Police targeted other businesses in this undercover sting operation, but only China Massage was found in violation.

Police say it doesn't have the authority in this case to shut the business down for good, but did say that the city of Pismo Beach has had preliminary discussions to do so.

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