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Marborg scoops up new contract with Santa Barbara

Ten year agreement comes with more trash pick ups

Marborg Contract

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Marborg Industries has been given a ten year agreement to haul trash in Santa Barbara.  The company plans to increase service in some areas as part of the deal.

Residential rates are not going up, but there will be a slight increase in some commercial and multi-unit accounts.

Marborg has also agreed to schedule additional collections after Christmas when trash increases from holiday packages and wrappings.

Also, as part of the contract, Marborg is going to be picking up more of the abandoned trash often left on sidewalks and open fields, such as illegally dumped large appliances and furniture.

The company is locally owned by the Borgatello family.  Service first began in Santa Barbara back in the 1920's.  In addition to trash pickups, Marborg is a primary site for local recycling services.

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