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"Lyft" Hits Santa Barbara's Roads

Taxicab Drivers Feel Uncertain For Their Businesses

Lyft Hits Santa Barbara's Roads

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - You're going to see more cars with pink mustaches around Santa Barbara--they're a new ride-share service.

It's good news for those who need a lift but perhaps bad news for taxicab drivers.
How the service works is through an app on your phone called "Lyft."

With one touch of your screen, you can hail  a "Lyft" driver; they are every day people who are using their own car for a bit of extra cash.

Santa Barbara's first "Lyft" driver says the company only hires safe and responsible drivers who are also fun.

While she believes "Lyft" is a great way to be involved in your community, taxicab driver sees the company as a threat.

They say "Lyft" can charge less for rides because the drivers don't have to pay for permits, licenses and insurance.

Cab drivers have approached the city about ride-share services like "Lyft," but the city says "Lyft" drivers have a state permit.

Also, they are covered under "Lyft's" own insurance policy.

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