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Lompoc Police Seek Ban on Synthetic Drugs

Lompoc police seek ban on synthetic drugs

LOMPOC, Calif. - The Lompoc Police Department is backing up a ban that will be heard on Tuesday by the city council, asking them to consider banning bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

The States Drug Enforcement Administration banned the use of certain ingredients used in the drug back in 2011, but cities throughout California, including Lompoc still allow the possession of bath salts more recently referred to as "spice".  

According to the Lompoc Record, Police Chief Larry Ralston says Lompoc is trying to be ahead of most cities and they want to be proactive so that they protect kids.

A local smoke shop owner who said, "This drug isn't going away".

Whether the ban solves the problem or not, police say that some smoke shops in the area are the problem, because they are selling it. Police also say it is commonly used by minors and young adults. 

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