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Lompoc Investigator Weighs in on Kurt Cobain's Death

Tom Grant was heavily involved in the case surrounding the Nirvana front man's death

Lompoc Investigator on Cobain's Death

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - We're approaching the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, the front man for Nirvana, and a true rock star in his day. Just yesterday, reports came out that the Seattle Police Department recently reexamined the case. His death was originally ruled a suicide. After the reexamination, police say it was indeed a suicide.

This case has a Central Coast connection. Tom Grant, the private investigator famously known for his insistence that Cobain's death was not a suicide, but actually murder, lives in the Lompoc Valley.

Grant weighed in on the Seattle Police Department's recent activity.

"I think they're going to regret that they said that sooner or later," said Grant. "This case is not going to go away, it hasn't gone away for 20 years. There will come a point where somebody is going to step in and have a conscience and do the right thing."

Grant played a prominent role in the death that's generated a cult following. Cobain was found dead in his home April 8, 1994. Seattle Police quickly ruled his death a suicide, but Grant has maintained that is not true. He was hired by Cobain's wife at the time, Courtney Love, days before his body was discovered. Love said Cobain had disappeared after leaving a rehab facility.

In Grant's well-known case study on Cobain's death he claims investigative negligence by the Seattle Police Department and touches on Love's involvement in a conspiracy that resulted in the death.

"I never said Courtney Love pulled the trigger," said Grant. "I do believe there were people involved in a conspiracy that resulted in the death of Kurt Cobain."

Seattle Police recently reexamined 4 rolls of undeveloped film of the death scene, essentially reopening the case. Investigators were quick to say the photos didn't change the initial ruling of suicide.

Grant appears in a soon-to-be-released film called "Soaked in Bleach." It attempts to uncover the truth and expose misinformation about Cobain's death. Grant says he believes the Seattle Police Department reexamined the case in part because of the film.
"I believe it's because they know what's coming down the pike," said Grant. "They've been hearing bits and pieces about it. They're feeling the pressure."

A trailer of the movie is expected to be released next month on the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death. There is still no definite release date for the final product.

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