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Lois Capps Visits Myriad Flowers in Carpinteria

CappsVisits Carpinteria

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Myriad Flowers in Carpinteria took Congresswomn Lois Capps on a tour of their facilities on Friday.

Many people may not realize that 75 percent of all cut flowers grown in the state are grown in the Central Coast. But many people still buy flowers that are grown in other countries. Sometimes the reason is because of cost making it harder for local growers to compete.

Capps, along with Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA-50), founded the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus last month as part of an effort to promote the domestic cut flower industry. She discussed the Caucus formation as well as efforts to make business easier for local growers.

Capps is looking into helping areas such as transportation costs and other ways to make it easier to compete with foreign imports.

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