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Locals react to National Security Agency leaks, Edward Snowden

There's mixed reaction over the fate of National Security Agency leaker, Edward Snowden

Locals react to National Security Agency leaks, Edward Snowd

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There's continued confusion about the whereabouts of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. He'd booked a seat on a flight from Moscow to Cuba Monday, but the plane apparently took off without him. 

He hasn't been seen since he arrived in Moscow Sunday from Hong Kong. He'd been hiding there for several weeks to evade U.S. justice.

The founder of the Wikileaks secret-spilling organization, Julian Assange, says he can't go into details about where Snowden is, but that he is safe. The White House says it assumes he's still in Russia.

Meanwhile, KEYT NewsChannel 3 asked people here what they think should happen to Edward Snowden.  We received very mixed reactions. 

"He should get a fair shake from the government, and if he's guilty he should pay," said Ken Grenspon.

Greg Smith said, "I think he should go to jail.  I think he broke the law and I'm sure he signed a classified agreement and he broke that, so I think he should go to jail."

"I think it's a difficult situation for him, considering he's in a position he feels he needs to blow the whistle, while national security is on the line... But it's a tough situation," said Jon Cassell.

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