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Local Moms Club Offers Support

Members say it benefits mothers and their kids

KCOY 12 On the Road: Orcutt Moms Club

ORCUTT, Calif.- There's a group in Orcutt that's giving mom's out there like Jenny Miller an outlet.

"We can talk about just being a mom the difficulties of that, the difficulties of transitioning to staying home," Miller said.

The Mom's Club of Orcutt is a local chapter of the International Moms Club, a non-profit support group for mostly stay-at-home moms, including those who work from home and those working part-time. The Orcutt chapter was founded in 1999 and has over 70 members. They hold meetings and activities during the day when moms need the most support.

"We moved here in July from west Tennessee so we knew absolutely nobody and I heard about Moms Club and I'm glad I found it because if not I'd be sitting home, I'm not working, I'd be staying at home with two young kids," Erin Hall said. "Just about every day there's something going on whether it's going to chuck e cheeses or picking blueberries or just having a play date at the park."

Monica Henry is one of many moms in the group who moved to Orcutt not knowing a soul. "I found this group and it has been the best thing I've done for myself and my children. We've made lots of friends in the area and we have activities everyday," Henry said.

Mom's nights outs, family days, park days, field trips, guest speakers, community service projects and a monthly newsletter are just some of what the club offers.

"It's life changing we're all friends and we've even created other activities beyond our mom's group, bunko, a book club, a walking group, so it's fabulous i love it," Henry said.

And these members say being a part of the club goes far beyond the activities and non-profit work. It offers much needed emotional support.

"If you're new to being a mom you might be wondering is this normal... there's just tons of moms with a lot of experience they've gone through the stages you're going through and can calm you down and let you know everything is as it should be and it's very supportive," Miller said.

"Look us up, come join us, it will be life changing for you," Henry said.

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