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Little Rain Has No Affect on High Fire Danger

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Cal Fire says the little rain the Central Coast got Thursday will make no difference when it comes to the high fire dangers.

Cal Fire is ramping up its staff all over the state. In San Luis Obispo County it staffs 67 firefighters during the peak of the fire season. This winter is has kept 21 firefighters on staff when it normally wouldn't keep any.

Cal Fire says in the winter the same rules apply like not mowing after 10am, especially in this drought.

"Act as if it was August that's the important thing, not to get complacent," said Deputy Chief Steve Reeder. "One spark out there, we have dry fuel beds, our brushy fuels, and we could have some issues out there."

In Paso Robles, the air attack base has kept allowing for eight air tankers and four air tactical planes to be immediately available.

This year's fire season may not have an end date. Cal Fire in SLO is working on bringing even more additional firefighters next month. It said it plans on continuing with additional staff all the way into this coming fire season in mid May.

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