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Legoland Master Builders In Santa Barbara For 'Friendly' Competition

Legoland Master Builders in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Two master builders from Legoland California Resort competed in a three-hour building challenge at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, in front of a delighted crowd of Lego enthusiasts.

Rob McCarthy is one of the Legoland Master Builder's.  He builds and maintains all of the Lego masterpieces at the resort. He said, "Today, we're having a building competition. The theme is to build a boat, and normally we work together. But, today we are pitted against each other in a friendly competition."

The competition is part of an outreach program in several cities to introduce the new 'Legends of Chima Waterpark' which is under construction at the resort in Carlsbad. It's set to open on May 24 and includes the 'Lion Temple Wave Pool," which is one of the main attractions.

David Moorman is a dad, Santa Barbara resident and Lego fanatic. He brought his young son Jonathan, who is also a Lego fan, to check out the competition. Moorman said, "As a parent, I love Legos.  They are definitely in the 21st century.  Every kid aspires to have Legos, and you never outgrow that desire to play with them."

Anyone can vote for their favorite boat created by the Master Builders on Legoland California Resort's Facebook page.

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