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Last-Minute Taxpayers Rush to Make Deadline

Last Minutes Tax Payers Rush to Make Deadline

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Hundreds of people scrambled to the post office on tax day to file their taxes.  Some literally ran into the post office as it closed, while other parked in the red no parking zone to make sure they would get their tax return in on time.

"Drove down here like a madman and parked probably 20 minutes till and hustled in there and I'm done," said Dave Wood after he mailed in his tax return just minutes before the deadline.

"They are just closing up actually so it is a last-minute, last-minute type of thing," said Lew Turman after filing his taxes on tax day.

The hours before the deadline were not just busy for taxpayers but for their preparers as well.

"I'm filling client extensions, probably about 25 of them," said Tax Preparer John Blaubach.

Many people were turned away from their local post office not realizing they closed at their normal closing time.

"This is like Uncle Sam's Christmas so I figured you are usually open until midnight but it was my first time going so I guess I was wrong," said Carlos Torres after being turned away from the main post office in downtown Santa Barbara.

For people who didn't make it to their normal post office by the time they closed, thankfully there was another option available.  Read 'N Post on Coast Village Road in Montecito kept their doors open for last minute filers.

They were the only post office in the Santa Barbara-Goleta-Montecito area that was open past 6 p.m. on tax day to accept those very precious time-sensitive tax returns.

"Thank God, Thank God they are here that makes me very happy. As long as I get it in before midnight tonight we are good to go," said Sharon Fischer as she turned in her taxes. 

After all the post offices closed, the only choice many had was to e-file or to go online and file for an extension.  H&R Block on Milpas in Santa Barbara stayed open until midnight to help taxpayers with any issues they had.

For those that struggled making the deadline, tax preparers have some tips for you.

"Be organized, it's a year round obligation if you save your receipts and are organized, you will pay less taxes," said tax preparer John Blaubach.

Even if you are filing for an extention the IRS requires taxpayers to pay up before the clock strikes midnight on April 15.  If you go not pay, you will face a host of penalties.

If you request an extension you will have until Oct. 15 to file your taxes.

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