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Kids Get to Forecast the Weather in Santa Barbara

Monroe Elementary School Students Learn About the Weather Thursday

Kindergartners Take A Chance Forecasting the Weather

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Forecasting the weather is challenging even for our own meteorologists, but we met some Santa Barbara kids who got the chance to try out their weather skills.

Kindergarteners at Monroe Elementary School learned about the weather from our own morning meteorologist Meredith Garofalo.

She asked them to forecast the weather, using terms like cloudy, sunny, hot, cold, or windy.

Then they all went outside to see if they were right, and many did a really good job with their forecasts!

One of the students, Isabella, said "This actually happened to me.  I looked out one window and it was pretty cloudy.  I looked out another window, and it was really sunny."

When asked how many kids watched News Channel 3, almost half of the class threw their hands up.

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