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Junior High Fighting Concerns

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - There were five fights in one week at Tommie Kunst Junior High.

Principal Sharon Shell said "Last week was probably the worst week we've had. We've enjoyed a calm quiet year. We've complimented students regularly on how well behaved they are."

The school filed police reports and met with all of the parents of the involved students.

Principal Shell met with many of the students on Thursday as they returned from a one week suspension.

The fights were not related. Shell said, "They were not students that hang out together, they're not in the same social groups. In junior high you have many different groups around campus. This was not one large group perpetrating problems among other students. They were totally unrelated circumstances."

"We were scratching our heads saying when the last time we even had a fight? We couldn't remember. It totally took us off guard," Shell said.

Darlene Adam, a Santa Maria resident, said "That's very shocking for me because she's (her daugher) never had that problem here. She's always been okay."

Adam's daughter once atteneded Tommie Kunst.

Many neighbors around the school said the fights were unusual.

According to a letter from an upset parent, who did not want her identity revealed, her junior high son came home one week ago with news of a "huge fighting problem."

The anonymous parent wrote in a letter "Right now, as a parent, I do not feel it is a safe learning environment for any of these students at Tommie Kunst Jr. High."

The school remains on high alert until the fighting is resolved.

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