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Isla Vista is Getting a Summer Makeover

Remodeling and repairs at every corner

Isla Vista Revamping

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Isla Vista is going through a summertime makeover that's taking place on many streets.

One plumber says he has plenty of work with 95 projects to finish in 88 days.

"You have a certain amount of time to do a certain amount of work and when push comes to shove, everybody's working together and getting it done," said Kevin Benarth.

Some workers were using heavy equipment on Del Playa Drive to move dirt and install irrigation systems.  Others were unloading bricks for a new walkway while painters were leaning off ladders to work on upper story window frames.

Five years ago when the economy slowed down, repairs and remodeling were also at a scaled back pace.  Now it's clearly been stepped up.

The finished projects will convert some of the grungy buildings into apartments and homes that have a welcoming, clean appearance.

Residents say however, some of the units get a workout and often, their deposits are not returned.   Last year, resident Justice Bradley recalled, "I had a $1200. deposit, and I only got $10.00 back."

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