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Injured, Killed Hikers Identified As Ventura Residents

Brenden Vega, 22, Was Killed And Saylor Guilliams, 22, Seriously Injured

Injured, Killed Hikers Identified As Ventura Residents

MONTECITO, Calif. - The names of the two people injured and killed after a hiking trip this weekend have just been released.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department identified Brenden Vega, 22, and Saylor Guilliams, 22, both of Ventura as the two people in the accident.

Vega and Guilliams went for a hike Sunday and weren't able to get back down the Cold Springs Trail in Montecito.

Store employees of the upper State Street Domino's Pizza told NewsChannel 3 that Vega was the store manager for nearly a year. They said he came into the store before his hike on Sunday. Later in the day at least five people called asking about his whereabouts. Finally his mother called and said he never made it home.

People finishing up their hike on the popular trail were shocked to hear that a man died and another woman was seriously injured.

"There's a little bit of bouldering, I would call it but if you stay on the trails they are pretty well marked and you shouldn't have a problem," said Annabelle Brownell, a Montecito Resident.

"Unless it were dark I don't know how you would fall to your demise," Francie Lufkin, a Montecito Resident.

The Sheriff's Department said it was late in the day when Vega and his friend started hiking. It was around 4 p.m.

The hikers were found near Tangerine Falls.

"Oh yeah, that's very steep right there. You can easily fall especially if you went up above the falls," said Jean McKnight, a Santa Barbara resident.

Officials said the pair fell several times in the dark.

After Guilliams fell and broke both ankles and her wrist, Vega went to get help.

That's when he fell off a rocky ledge and was killed.

"He was probably in a hurry and distracted and he slipped," said hiker Eileen Kweller.

A couple hiking found Vega at the bottom on an embankment.

Hours later, a separate group found Guilliams. She was unresponsive and had to be airlifted out.

"It is really sad and surprising too. You don't expect to hear that," said McKnight.

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