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High Surf May Cause Dangerous Conditions for Beach-goers

High Surf May Cause Dangerous Conditions for Beach-goers

OCEANO, Calif. - The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office has once again postponed the search for a wrecked plane off the coast of Oceano. Ocean conditions are simply too dangerous. With big waves crashing on our local beaches, beach-goers are being told to be careful.

"I've never seen the waves this high here," said beach-goer Les Winger. "I guess surfers would handle it ok, but anybody just out there swimming, probably not a good idea."

Winger and his wife Karen were out and about, stretching their legs on our local beaches. On top of their car sat two kayaks. But with huge waves pounding the shore, they said they'll sit this one out.

"It's possible you can get our there beyond the waves with a kayak, but you'd have a heck of a time getting back in," says Winger.

The National Weather Service issued high surf advisories for much of the California coast. It's being caused by a storm system over the central Pacific Ocean, which reportedly brought 40-foot waves to Hawaii's coastline. While the waves won't get that big over here, the high surf advisory is expected to last through the weekend, prompting possibly dangerous conditions.

"You should definitely evaluate the conditions before you go out in the water anytime, but this is probably the first significant swell that we've had," says Brent Marshall, District Superintendent for State Parks, Oceano Dunes district. "I would definitely exercise caution when you're in the ocean."

State Parks rangers say that anybody who gets in the water this weekend needs to be very careful. Rip currents are going to be very strong.

"Rip currents near fixed structures like piers and rocks, and then there will also be other rip currents that move up and down the beach, and also side shore currents they should watch out for," says Marshall. "If you're in a rip current, you swim parallel to shore until you're safely outside of the rip current. then you can swim in."

Lifeguard patrols are typically downsized during this time of the year, but State Parks says it will have lifeguards out there through the weekend.

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