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HERO Program in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif.- - Saving energy, water, and creating jobs is the goal of the new HERO program in Lompoc, which is the first city in Santa Barbara County to adopt it.

Supporters of the HERO program call it a win-win.

Jose Flores, a contractor with Flores Construction, said "We're signing up to be participating contractors it's going to help customers and bring jobs for us contractors."

Flores said he's glad Lompoc city leaders approved the program as
he plans to register to be a HERO contractor.

"We're the first participants in Santa Barbara County, and it's very
strong in San Bernardino Kern County and L.A. areas, so we're excited."

HERO stands for home energy renovation opportunities; people can use the program for upgrades like applying solar panels, or water saving improvements.

Mayor John Linn of Lompoc said, "This is a financing mechanism that isn't dependant on credit ratings it's only dependant on the value of the property."

Mayor Linn said most home improvement projects are difficult to
finance, but the HERO program makes it more attainable.

"It ends up as a charge on your property tax and it's paid back over anywhere from 5-20 years and its low interest and low risk," Mayor Linn said.

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