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Guadalupe Fights to Keep City Alive

GUADALUPE, Calif. - After discovering that their debt is larger than they thought, the city of Guadalupe is acting fast to save their city's emergency services.

If their fiscal situation gets much worse, the city could disincorporate, meaning it will basically return to the county.

Guadalupe says there is only a small possibility this will happen, but they need voters' help to avoid it.

The city has proposed three tax measures to place on the ballot this November; it'll altogether raise $350,000 next year for the city, and that's only half of their current deficit.

The other half they'll have to cut from their budget, which is tough because they say they're operating on bare bones already.

The city administrator Andrew Carter thinks the measures will make it to the ballots, so now he needs Guadalupe citizens to vote for them and ultimately vote against disincorporation.

Carter believes Guadalupe's desire to remain a city is strong enough to overcome the deficit.

But if the measures don't pass, Guadalupe will ask the county sheriff's and fire department to take care of the city while they come up with a new plan to keep from disincorporating.

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