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Grover Beach Getting Temporary Fix For Damaged Roads

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - Damaged roads in Grover Beach continue to be a nuisance to homeowners, but the city is making temporary repairs to some of the roads in the worst condition.

The crumbling, pothole filled roads in Grover Beach are a constant problem for the people who live there. Many say the wear and tear of driving on the bad roads leads to trips to the auto repair shop.

"I kept having trouble with the front end, and I had it checked out. Turns out I had broken a shock. And that happened twice," said homeowner Ernie Aguilar.

It's a common complaint that won't likely be resolved anytime soon. The city is still trying to find solutions, primarily funding. The city engineer says getting grants to fund residential street repair is almost impossible. Paying to fix the streets would most likely have to come in the form of a voter approved bond measure, and the city is taking steps to do that.

For now, all the city can do is short term repairs to temporarily fill in potholes. High priority streets are already getting the temporary fix, but homeowners won't be happy until the roads are fixed for good.

"A temporary fix is what it is. It's temporary," said Aguilar. "Another one will pop up somewhere or it'll be the same one. It's like a band-aid over a large cut."

Grover Beach estimates that repairing city streets could cost somewhere in the range of $35 - $40 million.

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