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Group Behind Restoration of Lompoc Theater Holding Public Meeting

Meeting to be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - A group leading the effort to restore and reopen the Lompoc Theater is preparing for a public meeting tomorrow.

The Lompoc Theater Group is poised to issue an update tomorrow on the state of their quest to restore the building to what it once was: a thriving theater and a centerpiece of downtown Lompoc.

The president of the group, Cecilia Martner, said, "the idea is to tell the community and the Lompoc Valley Arts Council who we are, what we are doing now, and then try to promote working together for the common goal to restore this theater."

Martner says the update at the Lompoc Valley Arts Council tomorrow will unveil a new strategic plan, which includes an operational budget. In addition, an update on the much-needed repairs will be given. A crumbling roof and a marquee that is said to be unsafe to walk under top the list. Aside from the exterior repairs, Martner is optimistic about the state of the building's interior.

"The theater needs to be cleaned up," Martner said. "There is no major structural damage. The project is actually quite doable, but it does need a lot of work."

There's still plenty of steps to be taken for it to get full ownership of the building, and a lot of fixing up inside to get it ready, but the Lompoc Theater Group still believes that they can get this theater up and running again.

Martner says that won't happen without the help of hard-working volunteers.
"As the economy picks up and downtown gets more activity, it'll become more realized and more important. The theater is a driver for this whole area," Martner said.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. tomorrow at Stone Pine Hall, 210 South H St., Lompoc.


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