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Graffiti suspect off the street

Oxnard man accused of 1,705 vandalism counts

Graffiti suspect off the street

OXNARD, Calif. - Police arrested a man suspected of leaving his mark nearly 2,000 times

Oxnard police said Josue Puga is facing 1,705 counts of graffiti vandalism.  The  20-year-old was arrested Thursday.

Undercover officers said the investigation took many months.

The graffiti caused about $300,000 in damage all over the city.

Joe Reyes, an Oxnard resident, said he hopes young people pay attention because the parents of minors can be forced to pay for the damage.

Oxnard has a graffiti hotline set up at  805-385-8010.  A Graffiti Action Program, known as GAP,  will then send someone to clean it up, either the same day or the next day.

City officials said it is not art if it is painted or sprayed without permission.

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