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Gorillas Pick Something A Little Fruity For The 2014 Zoo Brew

Zoo Brew Gorillas

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara Zoo gorillas picked a fruity drink for the signature drink to be served at the 2014 "Zoo Brew".

Several ingredients were laid out to see which recipe the gorilla would pick for the fifth annual beer festival. The fundraiser will be held on June 7.

Every year the zoo lets a different animal have a say on what goes in their signature drink. This year the gorilla wanted nothing to do with wheat.

"He went right for the tropical fruit. He liked the mangoes a  lot, he liked the grapefruit, and he liked the oranges so we are going to use orange peel in this beer. It's got a little bite to it. A beer after a gorilla should have some bite. I think it will be a nice tropical sort of IPA," said Pete Johnson, brewmaster at Brewhouse.

The Zoo Brew tickets will go on sale on Wednesday at midnight. They are expected to sell out in hours.

The only way to purchase the tickets is to visit their website at:

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