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Goleta company helps to catch bombing suspect

FLIR infrared saw suspect in the dark

FLIR Thermal System

GOLETA, Calif. - Boston Marathon bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found hiding in the dark, in a boat, after a week of terror, because of the camera equipment made at the FLIR company in Goleta.

FLIR is forward looking infrared that can see not just in dimly lit or completely dark locations, but also right through areas where a suspect believes they are concealed.

In Watertown, Mass., Tsarnaev was under a boat cover, but the FLIR system on a police helicopter saw the outline of his body and detected movements that helped officers on the ground.

"The ability to verify that the suspect was in the boat using thermal technology from a helicopter from a distance, a safe distance, and confirm the person was there gave them confidence that he wasn't armed and he didn't have explosives," said FLIR General Manager Bill Terre.

The FLIR camera is also used at intersections for traffic images day and night, and also in many business locations for security.

Racing teams are also using some of the cameras on cars, and in the pit area to detect the amount of heat and wear on certain parts.

The Goleta company has 400 employees and is planning an expansion into some buildings near its current site.

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