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Goleta Businesses, Homes Nearly Flooded by Overnight Storm

Flooding Near Santa Barbara Airport

GOLETA, Calif. - Flooding near the Santa Barbara Airport has businesses and homeowners worried about more rain coming in.

Anderson Systems in Goleta, a mechanical engineering business, was nearly flooded Friday morning. Overnight rains overflowed the Goleta River and sent water downhill toward the community on Placencia and Corta streets.

"We got here this morning and the water was actually right at our door step which concerned us tremendously because it was not a big rain," Jerry Anderson, owner of Anderson Systems, said.

Anderson admitted that this area is below sea level and has flooded before but it usually drains out to the ocean.

"I know we have issues with flood control at Goleta Beach," he said. "I know flood control is working on it and we're just hoping they can get it open so we don't end up underwater and that the neighbors won't have to evacuate."

Anderson said the waterway at Goleta Beach has been shut to preserve the land and return it to its natural state. But he insisted if the city doesn't open it, the flooding will only get worse with more rain on the way.

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