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Goleta Beach Plan Heads to County Leaders

Tuesday hearing set as sand and grass areas are in peril - again

Goleta Community Leaders Discuss Future of Goleta Beach

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The future of Goleta Beach County Park has been debated for years, and a guideline may be approved Tuesday afternoon.

City Council and community leaders discussed the erosion issue at a lunchtime session, just days before a full scale hearing, Tuesday afternoon, in front of the Board of Supervisors.

Options over the years have been to add sand, or a rock wall to respond to the erosion after storms.  Some people dispute the benefits. 

Others say a natural retreat of the shoreline is the best and cheapest solution, but it will sacrifice part of the parking lot and maybe the bike path nearby.

Goleta Beach is used by over a million visitors a year.

Santa Barbara County will have a staff report ready Thursday on the project, in order for the public to review prior to the upcoming hearing.

The last storm damaged a substantial area of the beach, and an orange fence at the end of the lawn has been set up to prevent accidental falls.

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