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Gas prices on the rise

Gas prices are the highest they've been since September, with a 5-6% jump in Santa Barbara county.

Gas Prices

Drivers are feeling an extra pinch in their wallets these days as gas prices continue to climb.  Prices have skyrocketed to a record winter high, just within the last week. Since the beginning of the year, prices in Santa Barbara county jumped 5 to 6 %.

Nationwide an increase of 18 cents a gallon to $3.54 for regular, and in California it's even higher, up 24 cents  averaging $3.93 a gallon.

Local Economist Mark Schniepp attributes a number of factors. He says, with higher crude oil prices and the seasonality with regional refinery shutdowns, we're seeing a typical spike in gas prices. Also he adds a fast economy means more demand for crude oil, meaning higher oil prices and thus high gasoline prices. The good news is the uptick is temporary. We are set for a decline once refineries all come back online to meet the accelerated spring demand for gas, prices will then go back down.

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NewsChannel  3 Reporter Shirin Rajaee reports.

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