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Gargoyle Stolen From Santa Maria Man's Front Yard

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A Santa Maria man wants his property back after one of his decorative statues was stolen right out of his front yard. On a positive note, the homeowner has surveillance cameras that caught the thief in the act.

"Really pissed off, very frustrating," said Todd Koska. "It's like someone hit you from behind. Unexpected."

Koska is still fuming more than 24 hours after he discovered the theft.

"I got up, did my morning ritual. Opened up my blinds to the front of the house and noticed that my front gate was open," said Koska.

After he went outside to shut the gate, Koska noticed something was different.

"I walked over to it, looked down, and then when I looked up I noticed my gargoyle was gone," said Koska.

One of the two decorative gargoyles in the front yard was missing. Koska says he bought the 2 statues for a few thousand dollars several years back. He has surveillance cameras around the perimeter of his house, and when he checked the tape, he saw the culprit.

In the video you can see a white SUV, with its lights off, backing into the driveway. Once the thief gets the front gate open, barely a minute passes by before he loads the heavy gargoyle into the back of the SUV and then takes off.

Koska filed a report with Santa Maria Police and turned over the surveillance video. Police say they're still looking for the gargoyle thief.

"Hopefully this person will get caught," said Koska. "In the end, I just want my gargoyle back."

Koska says he's offering a reward to anyone that can help track down this statue. If you have any information, give the Santa Maria Police Department a call.

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