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Funk Zone Gets New Artwork Before a Favorite Site for Artists is Demolished

17 new panels appear after a weekend of work

New Funk Zone Murals

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Over the weekend another set of one-of-a-kind art pieces appeared in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone.

Artists worked around the clock to finish 17 new panels.

You can check out the work on Mason St. a block up from the beach.

The free style public art has been changed out about every three months since 2009.

Many artists were interacting with the public while they painted and some passersby even helped out.

"I have seen kids play around Mickey Mouse and the Super Mario Brothers," said artist Jonathan Hernandez. "It's pretty cool to see that people are actually involved with it."

There are images of St. Barbara, a woman in a yoga position in the sun, a dog in the surf, and other unique expressions on the wooden backdrops.   

The building where the art has gone up will be gone soon.

It was scheduled for demolition this month, but work on the new hotel development at the site will not begin until later this year.

Slideshow: New Murals in the Funk Zone

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