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Funding Go-Round Results in Cash to Ease Santa Barbara Mesa Congestion

Roundabout on Cliff Dr. expected to go forward

Roundabout Cliff Drive

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Funding has come together for a traffic roundabout at Cliff Dr. and Las Positas Rd. in Santa Barbara, where traffic, at times, is a bottleneck.

The city studied the issue for years, but in recent months moved towards a decision.

One solution called for a signal light and it came with a cheaper price.

The roundabout project was given a second look,  some costs were trimmed and with the help of a big state grant, the city needed to come up with $700-thousand dollars to make the project a reality.

That money was approved yesterday from a one time fund made up of money from different sources including some leftover funds when the redevelopment agency ended.

In the morning and afternoon rush hours,  there is a traffic back up that transportation officials say will only get worse without improvements.

Currently the three way intersection has a red blinking light over head to manage traffic.

Supporters of a traffic roundabout say it will keep traffic flowing much better especially during the normally congested hours, similar to other roundabouts in the city.


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