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Former KEYT anchor evacuated in Utah Fire

Utah fire

Fourteen houses have been burned near a Utah ski resort town, and Thursday's calm winds helped crews prevent the 2,000-acre fire from spreading or burning more homes, said Utah fire official Steve Rutter at a news conference Thursday afternoon. But the lighting-ignited fire is still only 25 percent contained. 

One of the evacuees of the Utah wildfire was KEYT's former anchor Debby Davison. She is now back home safe. 

Her home was one of the 300 plus houses threatened by this lightning sparked fire.

NewsChannel Reporter spoke with Debby via Skype. She said she was out having lunch in downtown Park City when she noticed the black smoke.

Fire officials informed her that the flames were racing up a canyon near her home. With just the clothes on her back and a few items, including a computer, she and her husband were able to stay at their son's condo in the area.

Debby says that the difference between fires in Utah and the Santa Barbara area is the ferocious winds. She says she saw whirls of fire go up hundreds of feet in the sky.

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