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Former Carpinteria Schools Superintendent Gets Full Salary After Leaving District

Former Superintendent Gets Full Pay

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - The former superintendent of the Carpinteria School District will get a full year's salary and benefits even though she no longer works for the district.

Micheline Miglis left her post in August, one day before classes started.

Our partners at Noozhawk report the separation agreement reached with the education board guarantees Miglis will be paid every month for one year.

According to her contract, her annual salary is $172,000.

Miglis will also receive health benefits.

Maureen Foley-Claffey is running for the school board and said the agreement is a waste of public funds.

"We were told in August by the board that there was barely enough money to hire a new transitional kindergarten teacher which would have been around $80,000. Now, we are having to pay out, we don't know how much yet, hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new superintendent," said Foley-Claffey.

Miglis left after working for the district for one year. No reason has ever been given for her departure.

Andy Shaeffer, the school board president, issued this statement:

"We have a confidentiality agreement. Ultimately, this is a personnel matter, and like in any other case whether it be a teacher or anyone else, is required to be kept confidential and remain solely between the employee and the employer."

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