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FoodBank Hosts 'Empty Bowls' Fundraiser

Potters made more than 1,000 bowls for fundraising event

FoodBank Hosts 'Empty Bowls'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The FoodBank is proving a simple meal and a bowl can help feed a community.

Santa Barbara County's FoodBank hosted the 16th annual Empty Bowls fundraiser at the Ben Page Youth Center on Sunday.

"We've raised over a million dollars for FoodBank and that's pretty impressive for potters," said Danyel Dean, the event's founder.

The potters worked throughout the year to handcraft more than 1,000 bowls.

For $30, people got to choose a bowl and fill it up with soup that was donated by 25 local restaurants.

All the proceeds will go to the FoodBank which supplies more than 163 local charities that feed the hungry.

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