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Flight Lands Safely In Santa Barbara After Smoke In Engine

Los Angeles to San Francisco flight lands without problem

Flight Lands Safely In Santa Barbara After Smoke In Cockpit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco was forced to divert and land at Santa Barbara Airport after smoke was smelled in the engine

United Airlines was tight lipped about the situation at first but eventually described the plane as an Airbus A320.  The type of plane can carry at least 150 passengers.

Passengers said they were told about smoke residue in the engine and after they landed they said they smelled it, too.

Only a handful left the TSA area. One grabbed a rental car, another got a ride back to LAX.

Two passengers from Canada said they regretted leaving the gate because were not allowed back in when they found out another plane was coming to take the passengers to their destination.

Julie Thiele and Conrad Kissling said the airline booked them rooms at a hotel but they would have to wake up early to catch another flight to San Francisco.

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