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Fires Threaten Homes Built Near Wildland-Urban Interface

Homeowners are responsible for creating defensible space

Firefighters warn homeowners about defensible space

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - As more homes are threatened by California wildfires homeowners are urged to take their fire prevention plans seriously.

Firefighters preparing to demobilize the Rey Fire base camp want to remind residents about keeping 100 feet of defensible space cleared all year.

It can save lives and property.

But during wind events homes may still be lost.

"For homeowners to think that they are going to have their local fire department protecting their home it is a far stretch, more than likely it is someone from out of the area, so to provide that 100 feet is probably the best thing you can do to give your home a fighting chance ," said Santa Barbara County Fire Capt. David Zaniboni.

Due to the drought and new development in what firefighters call wildland-urban interface residents need to keep up on their defensible space and  evacuate when they are urged to do so.

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