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Fire prevention tips could save homes

Fire season in Santa Barbara County is nearly year-round

Fire prevention tips could save homes

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Goodenough Fire in Fillmore is a reminder to locals that fire season in Santa Barbara County is nearly year-round, but there are things to do that can not only prevent a fire, but keep it from spreading.

Strong winds spread flames across 170 acres in Fillmore on Monday.

"People don't consider at this time of year that a fire would start. We still have some green grasses in the hills, a little more moisture in our brush and our fuels but during a wind, you sill have that potential for a fire moving quickly," said Ann Marx, wildfire expert at the Santa Barbara City Fire Department.

Experts tell people to prepare and have a plan besides how to get your family out during an emergency.

Think ahead before flames arrive and prepare your home with defensible space.

Clear out dry brush and weeds that fuel flames, but timing is everything.

"Your weed abatement work should be done early in the morning and you shouldn't be doing it in the afternoon," said Marx.

Another tip is to wait for a foggy day. The moisture in the air could help prevent a fire from starting.

The Santa Barbara Fire Department sends out letters to property owners in mid-May reminding them to clear the brush. But this year, conditions are much dryer because of the lack of rainfall.

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