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Fire Impacts Air Quality

ourair.org, slocleanair.org and vcapcd.org monitor air quality daily

Air quality concerns following wildfires

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The fire season isn't just keeping firefighters busy, it'is keeping air quality control officers busy, too.

Santa Barbara County's Air Pollution Control officer Aeron Arlin Genet said she doesn't want to be alarmist, but she encourages people to use their senses.

If residents see and smell smoke from the Chimney fire, or other fires still burning in the state, they should take precautions.

"Just be aware of your air quality conditions before you exercise. I know that is a real important thing for a lot of folks and what we are recommending is when you see smoke or smell it go to gym where they have air on circulation," said Arlin Genet.

Children, seniors and asthma patients should avoid outdoor activity when particulate matter numbers soar.

The Air Pollution Control District recommends checking ourair.org for daily updates.

Almost all of Tuesday's ratings were good at Santa Barbara County monitoring stations. Paradise Road was the only exception with a moderate rating.

NASA is sharing satellite images that shows how far the smoke travels.

Wind in burn areas has blown smoke and ash into other cities , counties and states.

In addition to ourair.org, your find a link to information in San Luis Obispo by logging onto slocleanair.org. or  in Ventura County go to, www.vcapcd.org.

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