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Fake Gun Pulled on Santa Barbara Bike Rider, Man Arrested

Police Arrest Man After he Allegedly Pulled a BB Gun on Bike Rider

Man Arrested for Brandishing Gun

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara police responded to a report of a man with a gun near Alameda Park on Micheltorena Street and Santa Barbara Street before 8 a.m. Thursday.

Police say a bike rider called 911, saying a man was standing on Micheltorena Street and pointed a large gun at him while he was riding down Micheltorena. When police showed up, they found the man and discovered the gun was a BB rifle.

It looked like a submachine gun.

Police say the man disputed the story of the bike rider. No witnesses saw him point the gun at the car.

The bike rider came back and identified the man at the suspect and made a citizens arrest.   Police then took 25 year old Aaron Perez into custody. 

A search of the car turned up two replica weapons.

Sgt. Dan McGrew said even when they are not real, the guns are, "a pretty intimidating looking weapon."

He said the bike rider feared for his life when took a second look at what the man pulled out of the car.  "The bicyclist started peddling as fast as he could,  when he looked back the suspect was still pointing it at the bicyclist," said McGrew.

Police say possession of replica weapons is not against the law.  Using them to threatened someone is a crime.

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