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Fair Helps Locals with Health Care Resources

Free event organized by Santa Barbara city, county

Fair Helps Locals with Health Care Resources

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - It was a festive atmosphere, but the underlying concerns are very real- local residents need access to health care, and the City of Santa Barbara and the County have taken notice. Mayor Helene Schneider said "Nearly 1 in 5 people that live in this County live in poverty and it is important that we take care of people that need these services."

More than 50 local agencies and sponsors helped make the Family Day and Health Fair a reality, with everyone working together to host over 500 people looking for support.

Mark Alvarado, Senior Supervisor for Neighborhood Outreach Services, said "This is really an opportunity to help our under-served community, to give them blood tests and dental to make sure they are getting their needs met."

To encourage participation, organizers made sure that the fair was a fun event for kids- bikes were raffled off, interactive booths helped educate, and community leaders united to address the important issue of community health care services.

Salud Carbajal, First District County Supervisor, said "This event provides people with information and resources that they really need."

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