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Exclusive: Parents of fallen firefighter speak out

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Misner's parents speak out

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - The parents of 26-year old Sean Misner spoke to NewsChannel 3 for the first time since they returned from Arizona.

Ron and Tammy sat down with Shirin Rajaee for an exclusive interview just one day after thousands gathered for Sean's Memorial at Santa Ynez Union High School on Monday. 

Both are mourning the loss of their son and the 18 other crew members who were also killed in the Yarnell fire in Prescott Arizona on June 30.

The Misner's say they're still in disbelief, but have some comfort knowing that Sean is with his grandfather. Sean comes from a family of firefighters and hot shot teams.

His uncle is the current operations chief at Montecito Fire District, and his grandfather was a former fire chief there.   

Ron and Tammy are very proud of their sons accomplishments. They say Sean loved what he did and was following his dreams.

They also add that he was very happy. Just last year, he married his sweetheart, Amanda. She's now eight months pregnant with their unborn son Jaxson.

To make a donation to help the family, here is a linked email address for PayPal:


Or go to Sean's Memorial Facebook page:


NewsChannel 3 reporter Shirin Rajaee will have the story Wednesday at 5, 6, and 11 p.m.

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