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Elementary Students Participate In Obesity Prevention Program

Students Participate in Obesity Prevention Progr

OXNARD, Calif. - The latest statistics from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, show about a third of the children in the Ventura County area are overweight or obese.

The Ventura County Public Health Department is trying to change that, by taking a new approach in nutrition education.

On Thursday, hundreds of elementary school students took part in assemblies at Elm Street Elementary School in Oxnard.

The assemblies were interactive.  They had kids searching through an imaginary garden for fruits and vegetables, and every time they found a healthy food they did an exercise like a jumping jack.  The second phase of the assembly taught kids about My Plate.  My Plate shows kids what types of foods they should be putting on their plate.  

The Ventura County Public Health Department plans on taking this assembly to other schools in the upcoming months.

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