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Electric Car Shows Give People A Modern Look Under The Hood

Vouchers given to inspire new plug in purchases

Electric Car Show Puts Plus Ins On DIsplay

OXNARD, Calif. - Electric car owners and dealers showed of their cars in honor of National Drive Electric Week.

The Sierra Club presented shows in Solvang on Saturday and Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard on Sunday.

The Thousand Oaks owner of an all-electric Tesla Model S four-door sedan showed people how it can park without a driver.

Some people did a double-take.

A Fillmore family showed off their Tesla Model X SUV.

They said the cool-looking doors are not the same as Gull Wings.

The Nissan LEAF, the BMW i3 and other electric car models and bikes,  and boats were also on display.

And the owner of Rincon Engineering, Richard Hugo, showed off an electric VW Bug he made.

Many visitors see electric car sales as a way to reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels.

The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District offered about 40 first-come-first- serve vouchers to cover some of the costs at local dealerships.

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