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El Presidente, Flower Girls thank first responders

Girls visited fire station, police department Tuesday

Flower Girls and Las Senoritas thank first responders

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Flower Girls and Las Senoritas met up with El Presidente Josiah Jenkins to thank the first responders for all their hard work during Fiesta.

They stopped by Fire Station 1 in Santa Barbara and handed out flowers to the firefighters.

"Really touched that they felt that we were somebody they wanted to come and have their picture taken with and honor us. So it's very touching thing for us," said Fire Chief Pat McElroy.

Jenkins presented a poster to the fire chief.

After their tour of the station, the girls walked to the police station for hand out more flowers and El Presidente gave the police chief a poster as well.

"It's really special because I've never been given a poster until today after 13 years of being here so I'm very honored to get that," said Chief Cam Sanchez.

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