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Edwards Cinema in Santa Maria Town Center Lays Off Employees

Edwards Cinema in Santa Maria Town Center Lays Off Employees

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Dozens are left jobless, wondering where they'll get their next paycheck after a round of layoffs at the new Edwards Cinema in the Town Center Mall.

Just this Wednesday, Cameron Stanley was called into work at the Edwards Cinema for a meeting with management. Sitting with several of his coworkers, Cameron was shocked at what he heard from the general manager.
"He said we hired too many people and unfortunately we're going to have to let you go," says Cameron. "He handed me my last paycheck, handed me my W-2 and said 'best of luck to you'."

The lay-off was unexpected. Cameron was among more than 100 people that were hired to staff the highly anticipated theater when it opened in November. Never was there a mention during the hiring process that his job was temporary.

"Nothing was said that we would just be seasonal staff, get fired after a couple months," says Cameron.

Cameron guesses that 25-30 of his coworkers were also laid off in similar fashion. We called the theater, but a manager said she couldn't comment. So far we haven't heard back from the general manager.

Cameron says he has nothing against his former company. He just wishes he had a little more time to prepare for another job search.

"No one wants to be without some source of income. It just felt like they had no remorse for it. They basically gave me my walking papers and said best of luck to you."

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