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DUI Arrests and Enforcement Pre-St. Patrick's Day

DUI Arrests and Enforcement Pre-St. Patrick's Day

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - San Luis Obispo police say they're seeing a higher number of DUIs already over the weekend.

SLO police made four DUI arrests Saturday night, and they've seen 11 as of Thursday.

Police said that's more than they'd normally see, so when the clock strikes midnight on St. Patrick's Day morning, a safety enhancement zone will be in effect.

Jeff Booth with the SLO Police department said,  " We hope it'll curb behavior that's disruptive to the whole community."

Restaurants and bars expect big crowds, and officers will be on foot, bicycles and cars.

Andrea Miller, owner of Spikes Pub is also a member of the Downtown Association's ‘Food, Beverage, and Services committee.' Miller said, " The downtown association is doing the clean-up. It's these business owners with the alcohol permits that are coming into this to keep the downtown safe and clean."  

Miller said, "We all put money towards this committee to be able to fund the port-a-potties, the clean ups and all the promotional advertising."

Mike Linn, co-owner of SLO safe ride said several groups have already reserved rides so they avoid DUI arrests. Linn said he expects at least 100 rides early in the morning since bars are opening at 6am on St. Patrick's Day.

 "We're committed to making sure people are enjoying themselves responsibly," Linn said. 

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