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Dozens rally in Santa Maria for marriage equality

About 150 people gather to show support for same-sex marriage

Marriage equality rally


Dozens of people gathered in support of marriage equality in Santa Maria Wednesday night.

"We all came out here to show our support for marriage equality.  The Supreme Court was hearing two of the most important cases in LGBT history," said the event's organizer, Robert Hubbard.

They are among millions of people  across the country holding similar rallies and candle-lit vigils "symbolizing all the people who have come before us, their struggles," explained Hubbard.

"It's amazing for everyone to be out here with us tonight, the folks passing by showing their support," added Adam Hughes.

Hughes and his fiancé, Steven  Rutledge, have been together for five years.  They got engaged last November.   They are hoping to celebrate their wedding  in  California in October.

"We're optimistic that things are going to be positive in our favor," said Hughes.

"We're hoping to be married here with our friends and family, of course," added Rutledge.

They are not alone.  Recent polls show the majority of people in this country support marriage equality.

"Fifty-eight percent of people right now support gay marriage, and if you look at people under 30, eighty-one percent support marriage equality," said Hubbard.



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